Specialized Services - ISCIR

According to Law no. 64/2008 on safe operation of the pressure installations, lifting equipment and fuel-consuming devices, companies are required to hire or contract the services of a responsible for supervision and technical inspection of RSVTI facilities, authorized by ISCIR (National Authority for Control and Approval of Boilers Pressure Vessels and Hoisting Equipment).

RSVTI (responsible for supervision and technical inspection of facilities) services include mainly the following activities:

  • Identifying and recording ISCIR equipment / installations, and transmission of such data for registration to the territorial inspection of belonging ISCIR;
  • Checking documents accompanying ISCIR equipment, in accordance with regulations applicable;
  • Information in writing to the ISCIR territorial inspection about the identification of the new holder of equipment, in case of transfer of ownership or use of such goods;
  • Preparing technical documentation file of the ISCIR equipment / installations and its registration to the territorial ISCIR in order to obtain authorization and operating technical book;
  • Checking fair and lawful operation of ISCIR equipment / installations they have;
  • Checking the operating instructions for each ISCIR equipment / installation;
  • Announcing the belonging ISCIR territorial inspection through phone and / or in writing, within 8 hours from the date of knowledge, about the occurrence of damage or casualties for the equipment / facilities they have;
  • Announcing holder / user leadership (including writing) about the need of shutting down ISCIR equipment/installations because of faults or due to the need to conduct maintenance, verification, maintenance, replacement of parts or repairs;
  • Announcing holder / user leadership (including writing) about not respecting the use of ISCIR equipment or installations by operating staff;
  • Recording track of equipment/installation in a register, with tracking performance of official technical checks, according to ISCIR technicalprescriptions;
  • Tracking and informing the beneficiary specialized staff on preparing facilities / equipment for official technical inspection and active participation to their performance;
  • Pursuing the achievment of the disposition given through technical verification protocols, regularly examining the register of functioning for equipment / installations and taking immediate measures to remedy the defects reported;
  • Pursuing the maintenance and repair of ISCIR equipment/installations in the records, made under ISCIR prescriptions by legal entities authorized by ISCIR, mentioning these checks in surveillance records;
  • Prohibition of handling facilities / equipment by unauthorized persons, when they are aware of this;
  • Pursuing the achievment of the disposition given through technical verification protocols complied by ISCIR;
  • Check validity of licenses for operators of ISCIR installations (stivuitorist, operators, etc.) record of permits;
  • Charts of annual checks, in accordance with maturities in minutes for the authorization for operation given by ISCIR.

Assistance monthly price depends on the type and number of equipment / installations covered by ISCIR